The Many Benefits of Wooden Floors

Most homeowners tend to overlook wooden flooring, primarily because it’s initially more expensive compared to other flooring types. However, there are numerous advantages that outweigh the initial extra cost. In this post, we are going to take a look at several benefits of wooden floors compared to their counterparts.

High-Quality Wooden Floors Last For Long

While most homeowners find themselves replacing carpeting every few years because of stains, holes or even shabbiness from wear and tear, those with wooden floors do not have to worry about such for decades. With minimal maintenance, solid wood flooring actually looks more appealing as years go by.



Wood flooring offers a wide array of variety, from rustic to contemporary and sleek finishes, varying species and grains as well as custom projects. You ideally have the added benefit of the ability to install underfloor heating, one of the most popular options in home heating nowadays.

A Healthy Option

In terms of maintenance, wooden floors are easy to clean and keep them in that state, unlike carpets which are notorious for harbouring all kinds of fleas, dust mites and parasites. All you need is a light vacuum or simple brush to keep your wooden flooring clean. Wood floors also make things easier on both pet owners and allergy sufferers. Carpets also tend to trap unpleasant odours from things that have been spilt and animals. On the other hand, the aroma of polished wood flooring is a delight and makes your home more inviting.

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An Instant Return on Investment (ROI)

Solid wood floors increase the value of your home immediately and help it sell quicker. Potential buyers are not only attracted to the appearance and feel of wood floors when viewing a house, but they ideally know it’s an investment worth preserving instead of replacing.

Timeless Appeal

The timeless appeal that wood has is one of the biggest advantages of hardwood floors. Linoleum, carpet, and tile colours and patterns eventually go out of style, but this rarely happens with wood. Woods appeal has been there for centuries and nowadays it is even more popular.

Easy to Repair or Restore

If your wood flooring has been scratched or sustains damage due to wear and tear, a simple sand and seal will restore it to its former glory. This is relatively inexpensive compared to refitting a new carpet.

Flooring Surfaces & Stains

Another huge benefit of wood flooring is the wide array of surfaces as well as stains for finishing available. One surface that’s gaining popularity is the hand-scraped wood flooring. This type of flooring is made with planks that have been worked by hand instead of a machine, thus lending a more rustic type finish.

You can get more variations depending on the stain type and colour used on the wood. Some are made to bring out the natural appeal of the wood, while others are made to change the caste and colour of the flooring entirely. It all comes down to your tastes.

The bottom line is wooden floors have numerous benefits over their counterparts. It may cost you a little more upfront, but in the long haul, they are more economical and rewarding.

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