Kristen Stewart looking for Engagement Ring

engagement ringThis week, In Touch reported that Kristen Stewart “went shopping at Neil Lane in West Hollywood with a friend in early June and stunned eyewitnesses when she headed straight for the engagement rings!”

An alleged “excited onlooker” told the tabloid, “She was trying on gold rings with various colored diamonds.”

The story obviously sparked a fresh round of speculation that Stewart and Robert Pattinson have imminent engagement plans.

But it turns out the same clueless magazine that wrongly claimed in 2011 the couple would stage a “secret wedding in England” has struck out yet again.

A source close to Stewart tells Gossip Cop the Neil Lane rumor is not true — the actress did not go into the jeweler’s store.

While she and Pattinson may very well get engaged in the future, the latest In Touch-fueled report of diamond bling rings false….More at CLAIM: Kristen Stewart Shopped for Engagement Rings – Gossip Cop

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