Personalized wind chimes are the perfect gift for just about everyone. These lovely, melodious chimes are wonderful for anyone who has a small space to hang them, and with the addition of personalization, they can be as spectacularly special as they buyer wishes to make them. From event commemorations, to memorials, to specially designed and unique sets, there truly is a wind chime for every occasion.

Celebrations of all kinds deserve a commemoration. Things like weddings, reunions, and other large parties often have small gifts like matchbooks or engraved napkins to remind the participants and guests of the great time they had. Instead of the same old thing, why not use a beautiful, long-lasting, and functional piece of art? With sizes ranging from soprano tinkling to tenor melodies, and shapes and designs to fit every need, no guest will go home feeling less than a million bucks. Besides the various shapes and sizes, wind chimes can be engraved for that extra personal touch. Names, dates, quotes, even a favorite joke or family story can be engraved right into the metal for perpetuity.

Memorials are often among the hardest things to commemorate without seeming tasteless. Whether mourning the loss of a beloved pet or a family member, the passing should be marked with something one of a kind. There are so many forms of memorial chimes to choose from. Sympathy chimes, memorials for people, for pets, for policemen and women, and even for firefighters. There are also wonderful chimes that hold a small urn suspended in the center of a personalized figure for those who wish to keep just that small physical reminder of the person or pet who was. Whatever the tastes of the people involved, there is something to suit almost everyone.

There are, of course, occasions for which wind chimes from a standard template just will not do. For these instances, there are fully customizable chimes available. Choose the size, the color, and the shape of the windsail, or the piece of metal that makes the chime. Any shape is possible, and any words can be engraved to make a vision come entirely true. This does, however, require a little more effort, as a conversation with a customer service representative is necessary to make sure all of the pertinent information is recorded.

Most chimes can, of course, be hung from a simple nail pounded into a piece of wood. As long as they are getting some breeze, they will make lovely music. However, for occasions that demand something special, or places that require it, there are wind chime stands that can be bought along with the chimes themselves. They come in a wide range of pre-made designs, but can also be fully customized to suit any need.

Whether commemorating an occasion that should not be forgotten, or remembering someone that is gone, personalized wind chimes are the best way to do it. With their amazing capacity for beauty as well as the ability to send waves of peace-lined melodies throughout a space, they are truly unique and wonderful gifts. Almost anyone would be thrilled to receive a personalized wind chime.

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